Aoi Artistry



About Aoi Artistry

Aoi Artistry is a pool of creative endeavors executed by Stephen Moir, a Canadian-born fine artist and tattooer.

Stephen is a 26 year old, self-taught artist, born and raised around the Halifax area of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Tattooing is his primary career path, but he continues to delve quite seriously into other artistic facets, such as: digital design, oil painting and musical composition.

He’s open to exploring most tattoo styles, though his primary focus is anchored around more traditional styles. More specifically, Japanese Irezumi. Though self-taught in the process, he has even attempted to understand the tiresome labor of tebori (hand poke technique native to Japan).

Most of his time is currently spent tattooing, but the future should reveal more Digital Video and Musical works. If you’re interested in collaborating, be sure to get in touch.